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Specialized Markets:
Fintech–B2B, B2C, & Nonprofit
Good Cause Companies

Across all industries, 70% – 80% of business is repeat business.

There is a saying that “What you win people with, is what you win them to.” So how do you win your customers over again and again?

Emailing customers is important. You need a strategy for general communication with a unique newsletter and a few different email campaigns that educate your crowd about you and your product and services.

Lead generation matters. How someone finds you via an ad, SEO, social media, Pay Per Click, or as referral begins your relationship.

My job is to bring you more customers, and increase their lifetime value – faster.

How we succeed together.


Success sticks to those who prepare. Let’s talk how website audits, Key Message Copy Platforms, and Customer Value Optimization work for your crowd…and your business.

Email (More Than)

Let email do the heavy relationship lifting for you and your company. Stories, news, and real solutions move people to you and your products. The Inbox is a great place to add value to your crowd.


Jared will aim your voice from the beginning, through every email, and offer page, into your welcome package…and back. Side note: super fans want more content from you.

“…collaborative copywriter…great ideas…problem solver…”

Jared is not only an exceptional copywriter, but a great collaborative partner as well. He is full of ideas and enthusiasm that will make your next project shine. He quickly identifies solutions to problems and works to solve those on the clients’ behalf.

– Kent Sanders, Podcast Host of “Creative Writing For Business with Kent Sanders”, Ghostwriter


When I think of ways to describe you after our years of working together, several words come to mind (in no particular order):

Caring, Compassionate, Wise, Organized, Level-headed

There are other words, but these are what I think of most. You have a way of presenting information to people clearly and matter-of-factly, and then you let them figure out what it means.

– Clayton Bettenbrock

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