Getting to know Jared

I Can Write!

Trained by American Writers and Artists Institute, Inc. (AWAI) in all forms of B2B copywriting, Email Marketing, Customer Optimization, and more. Member of the Professional Writers Association.

My writing training, business startup, and leadership experience are part of what I bring to your table.

Hi, I’m Jared.

My life experiences help me connect

I have lived and worked in North America and West Africa, in rural and urban settings, with wealthy and poor people. International travel and living revealed a number of life scenarios for me.

I have lead teams with members from three different continents and regularly taught on a wide variety of subjects to people from very different backgrounds. Learning the art and science of communication is a large part of what I do.

Connecting with people from all walks of life has led me, and them, to new solutions neither of us would have discovered on our own.

I write copy because I like to solve problems.

I got hooked on problem-solving (some people call it sales) when I was recovering from cerebral malaria…but that is a different story.

“What kind of horse are you trading in today? Or are you just adding one to the stable?”

A veteran salesman had pity on this greenhorn and taught me to introduce myself in an unexpected way. The right introduction made people think, reveal a bit of what they wanted, and realize I wasn’t a “typical” used car guy.

That experience taught me the power of a headline–and helped me sell cars in an open, honest, crystal clear way.

There’s a lot more I learned about sales on the car lot–turning features into benefits, determining buyers likes, communicating crystal clear kept away buyers remorse, proof is powerful, and more.

The satisfaction of getting someone the car they often needed, and sometimes just wanted, has stuck with me for years.

I enjoy connecting people to the things they want, need, and desire.

Little League’s Big Lessons

I still miss playing Little League baseball. 

I broke my wrist the summer after fifth grade and was reduced to fetching stopped baseballs at the backstop during practice. Playing was replaced with a gnawing longing to get back on the field, even if it was to just lay down a bunt.

That’s when I knew I missed more than just playing baseball. 

My team, Pat’s Pizza, started as a bunch of 6 year olds before the T-Ball era. We were terrible. “Bad News Bears” terrible. No one could pitch. Our fielders couldn’t catch anything. Most of us (including me) were scared of staying in the batter’s box. We lost more games than anyone else in our league–by a lot.

I was the catcher for one reason:  I wasn’t afraid to get the occasional whack in the head from a batter. I blocked, stretched to get, and chased more wild pitches to the backstop than I can remember. And my catcher’s helmet was hit more than once until I learned to let the ball come to me.

But I loved watching how the game unfolded before me. I learned the game watching everyone fail over and over again. I saw why it mattered each time coach told someone to move left or right. 

Coach Dennis kept teaching us the basics of the game and we, slowly, got better. He taught us with every trick, method, and lesson he knew. We played catch, took practice at every position on the infield, shagged fly balls in the outfield, and learned how to play defense. We went to the batting cages, hit balls from the T-ball stand, and Dennis pitched thousands of times to us boys and we learned to hit a baseball.

My team’s core stayed together the most part; adding a player here and losing one there. We were pretty much the same group of kids. We became competitive and even won the league and post-league tournament by the time we were 5th and 6th graders.

I watched my friends from behind home plate become a team. I watch individuals conquer fears. Success came to our little group over time.

Years later, I realized that as much as I loved baseball and Little League, what I really loved was growing up, growing better, and succeeding with people I knew. Dennis showed me how to grow up in and with a team and is a big reason I love being part of and leading teams.

Shared growth and success doesn’t come cheap, and is worth more than just the money. 

Curious how I work?