Your digital marketing and copywriting ally

Why “digital marketer & copywriter?”

You might need someone who understands how to make multiple offers of products and price points to your crowd…and build that crowd. My job as a digital marketer is to create and link various funnels giving customers value every step of the way.

You might need someone to write copy for an existing funnel or webpage or new ads, sales pages, white papers, and the like. My job as a copywriter delivers your voice in a take action on what I am saying manner to your crowd.

My first love is solving people’s problems (your crowd) with great solutions (your product/service.)

Marketing Partner

Driving traffic to a website does not automatically build crowds who buy products. A website audit can reveal ways to help people stay on your pages.

Key Copy Message Platform is a tool you need for every product and service. Let’s identify and use USPs, taglines, benefits, features, and every time you met

Customer Value Optimization (CVO) — We create a series of connected sales funnels attracting crowds, making relationships, giving various offers more. By ferris wheel, your crowd doesn’t just drip through a sales funnel once, but returns for new offers again, again, and again. Interested?

Website Audit:
Get people to stick on your webpage

Key Message Copy Platform:
Same words everywhere for your services and products

Customer Value Optimization (CVO):
Effective interconnected funnels

Email Marketing

Good emails build the relationship between you and your crowd. Every offer, autoresponder, and newsletter opened by your crowd is a vote of confidence in you.

Are your emails workhorses or grazing in the pasture?

Do they carry your crowd back through an open and click and land on your page?

How do you deliver the most value in your niche to your crowd’s inbox?

Introduce Yourself & Provide Value: Welcome emails can be a powerful relational moment

Keep Relationships Warm: Give meaningful arcs to campaigns and connect with your crowd in multiple ways.

Lead Magnets+

I can create information products with value for your crowd in the form of reports, blogs, case studies, and videos.

But…free stuff is not always the best lead magnet.

In fact, making someone the right kind of buyer on small products makes it much easier to buy more.

Let’s create a strategy for types of lead magnets and where they fit in the sales process. I will make it easy for customers to consume and your crowd will remain engaged with you.

One Voice, Your Voice: Move your crowd from beginning to their next beginning

Large Copy Magnets chopped into small bites keep the crowd hungry

From Magnets to Solutions: Magnet touch a pain point, your product fixes a problem

Follow Your Crowd with More Engage and re-engage with new ideas, news and solutions

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