The community that helps men Connect, Grow, and Serve with other men, their families, and the world.

Men all over the world are dealing with rapid change and often loosing themselves. Cultures and societies are leaving men to find new ways to make the connections we need.

Statistics show a frightening pattern of loneliness among men–when they will even talk about it. Western cultures are beginning to at least talk about the problem, but African and Asian men are also facing lonliness and isoloation in their cultures.

Shoulder to Shoulder brings up these real issues and helps men have conversation and connection with other men.

Topics we discuss

The Shoulder To Shoulder podcast deals with men’s relationship issues. Men are disconnected from themselves and others, so we openly talk about reasons why we are lonely.

More importantly, how to move from relationship starvation and have the meaningful connections we crave and deserve.

Connection and Loneliness

Relationship Investment: NEWSFLASH! It’s more important than your 401(k)

The Role of Culture in our daily life

Managing Transitions in life

Identity: Our Past, Present, and Future Self

Cross-Cultural Conversations and Friendships

Mental and Physical Health

Goals of Our Podcast

Our podcast and blog are all designed to help men talk to one another on a deep and meaningful level. We know many men who want and need deeper relationships, but just don’t know how to get them.

We understand that men naturally have a more limited relationship vocabulary, so we are here to help.

New information and inspiration for making the connection growth in your life

Podcast guests range from normal guys to experts that bring you more ideas and insights

Upgraded content covering a wide range of topics and ideas helping you grow and connect on more levels

Group discussion content and action points for you and your trusted few

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