Which Long-Format Piece Is Right For You?

Your bold ideas in big formats.

Your USP–Unique Selling Proposition–sets you apart from the competition. In the real world of marketing, the bigger the price tag on the product or service the longer the customer journey.

So how are reminding your prospects how your unique, bold, big idea is better than others in the market?

Long format content pieces are certainly beneficial for SEO, content repurposing, and press releases.

But there is something more important at stake.


Your prospects get to know you and your ideas in every piece of content. And isn’t that what you really want? Connected customers?

Customers, your customers, who know your unique products, like how your company does business, and trust you have their best interest in mind.

Long-format content gives you multiple opportunities to share your unique, big, bold ideas centered on your prospect’s needs.

A white paper’s persuasive essay format guides decision-makers

Special Reports (aka “White Papers”)

Your big idea is not a product or service: it is a solution–a unique solution–to an industry problem.

Three basic types of special reports help your prospects know about your product. Backgrounders, Problem/Solution, and Numbered Lists are mixed and matched to suit the beginning, middle, and end of the customer journey.

50% of B2B companies use special reports to:

  • Help busy executives and decision-makers understand your unique solution
  • Position your technology and management as the superior solution
  • Educate their sales team
  • Explain complex ideas and technology in conversational precision

Great data in a conversational package helps the purchasing team along each step of the customer journey.

Case Studies

Your well-reported customer success stories let prospects “see” their problems solved with your best solution.

Financesonline.com made a great report about social proof and among the many findings: 91% of people trust a recommendation from social sources as much as they trust a friend.


Prospective customers care what your current customers know, like, and trust about you.

So tell them in a case study.

Social proof increases sales conversion (and conversations).
Your E-book: Medicine for Nagging Problems

E-books & Solutions

You are not selling these e-books. No, these are colorful lead magnets addressing a pain point for your prospects and customers.

A white paper goes deep with data, a case study tells another person’s success story. Your e-book is a practical solution to one aspect of an industry problem.

Consider titles like these for your next e-book series.

  • “5 Ways to Fix (Problem) in 30 Days Without For Less than $1,000”
  • “3 Quick Fixes and 2 Long-Term Solutions to (Problem)”
  • “Use It or Losing It?: 15 Questions to Know if Your Team is Spending Smart Time and Money on (Problem)”

Nonfiction Book

Ready to build authority with a statement? Books remain respected pieces of thoughtful content. Sure, an accidentally good case study or e-book can happen for any company; even a lucky white paper.

There are no accidental books.

You have the big, bold ideas shaping an industry and changing lives. All of these good things are in your mind and daily business practice.

You need a “Hallmark Writer” as a partner.

When is the last time you wrote your own card for an anniversary or birthday? How many minutes does it take to find a card that “says what you feel and think” better than you could craft it yourself?

Wouldn’t it be great to leave your own personal “Hallmark” partner to create books that can help your business?

Ready to write your book?


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