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Email Marketing

Hubspot and others report the average dollar invested in email marketing generates $38 of return.

In other words, email still works!

List building and segmentation to grow your tribe

Sales sequences for products and services

Relationship-building emails giving value to your prospects and clients.

Professional Newsletter

Over 75% of all business comes from repeat customers. Therefore, use a professional newsletter to attract and, more importantly, keep customers.

Useful content for all your contacts

Personal stories & insight help people to know you

Regularly remind clients of your reliability and value

Customer Journey & Automation

How your customers join and do business with you is the most important aspect of your website. As a result, the customer journey is my focus as a writer and marketer. I chart a seamless journey from the ad, through landing & sales pages, emails, upsells, shopping carts, follow-up, and more.

Conversational writing in your voice

Consistent messaging with a unique Key Copy Messaging Platform

Customer Value Optimization (CVO) planning moves customers through one process and into next-steps based on their needs, wants, and desires.

Content Marketing

Your blogs, articles, white papers, special reports, and case studies create valuable evergreen space on the internet. However, a strategy to reuse content and make it part of the customer journey is good for all B2B and B2C businesses.

Solve a problem with a blog or an article and create a prospect

Send parts of special reports, white papers, and case studies to segments for targeted engagement

Serve your customers with helpful content they can immediately use

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Professionally Trained Copywriter

Professional writer trained by AWAI, Copywriter Marketer, and a member of the Professional Writers Alliance.

Startup & Business Experience

Seasoned international entrepreneur in mining, agriculture, and consulting.

Non-Profit & Fundraising Experience

20+ years of fundraising and non-profit management experience.

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