How I can help you move forward

You are a Man with a Mission focused on your connections with God, yourself, and others. You are in the right place.

Construct and solidify the Connections God is already calling you to make with my professional coaching, missionary, pastoral, husband, and fathering experiences.


Coaching = Action

You are ready for a coach when you commit to active growth. Some areas where my background helps me to ask the best questions include:

  • Men’s friendships, loneliness, mental health, and maturity.
  • Cross-cultural transitions, living, ministry, and friendships.
  • Living like Jesus in forgiveness, grace, truth, and maturity.
  • Mind development connects your emotions and critical thinking.
  • 10+ years of international small business, 25+ years of marriage & ministry, and 24 years of parenting help me hear and draw out what God has placed within you.

Individual and group coaching are available to you.

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Pastoral Counseling

Counseling = Listening and Direction

You need space to work through emotions and thoughts and create action plans. I can give you that space to:

  • Talk about anything.
  • Connect locked-away or out-of-control feelings with healthy thinking and actions.
  • Make a secure male identity.
  • Process transitions, grief, trauma, and other life events.
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Teaching & Speaking

Teaching = Learning

Jesus showed us what it means to be a healthy male. Cultures around the world are built on incomplete ideas of maleness.

I regularly host virtual webinars with discussions and group coaching.

You can also have me join your men’s group or church virtually or in person.

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