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Your long-form content connection multiplied

Every piece of communication is a connection journey between you and your audience with a single unit of measurement: action.

Whether it is ghostwriting a book, crafting a speech for the C-suite from a white paper, or sharing your success in a case study, we share the same goal of helping people take the next step.

New Views, Inc. helps authors and businesses create action-oriented audience journeys.

Repurpose & Integrate Content

Long-Form Content is part of your content strategy.

This means a good long-format writer constantly thinks about things like UX (user experience), customer journey, and how a single piece of content fits into your marketing plans.

For example, a special report is part of a campaign including press releases, case studies, landing pages, emails, and the call to action. Campaigns around a long-format content piece should reuse the content for smaller content including email, blogs, and social media.

All pricing includes strategy sessions ensuring your content will shine.

Content Strategy Sessions

Integrate Social Proof

Build A Campaign

Same Message, Same Voice

Content Development Process

Your 20-minute investment will answer the question of “Why” you need a specific project. Yes, that means we interview one another.

Once we decide on a suitable project, we dive deeper and you will receive a project plan as the first deliverable.

Once the project plan is submitted, reviewed, and approved, we agree on payment and I deliver your project.

Your team will review and I will make revisions. After the copy is approved, I will review the final PDF and schedule a 15-minute project review with you.

20-Minute Discovery Call

Project Plan for White Papers, Books, & E-books

Complete Draft For Your Team

Revisions and Review

Book & Special Report Launch

You don’t invest a ton of time and money without a plan. The project plan for books and special reports gives a suggested plan for a full campaign and options for graphic design.

Call To Action (the CTA in the marketing world) is our goal: readers becoming doers. Our planning sessions include what to do with your valuable material for the coming years.

That’s right…your investment will propel your biggest, best, and boldest solutions to customers for years to come.

Eye On The Prize: CTAs & Transformations

Planning, Pre-Marketing, & Marketing

Press Releases, Amazon Strategies, & Social Media

Measure the Goal–Call To Action (CTA)

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